Dubai Safari Promises No Mistreatment of Animals

18 Aug 2016

No circus-style tricks or elephant rides

The newest Dubai Park Safari has recently stated that there will be no monkey business with their animals (pun intended!).  Timothy Husband, head of the Dh1 billion park, has promised that none of the animals will not be doing any circus-style tricks or carry visitors.

“They will not be doing tricks or juggling, they will be behaving naturally. The animals are ones that cannot be returned to the wild for one reason or another.” All of the park’s animals have been donated from other zoos or rescued. Elephants at the wildlife park are ex-working from logging camps or tourists park.

“Riding an elephant will not happen while I have any say in the safari. The whole idea is to save these animals from any more hardship and allow them to live out their lives in a safe environments where they no longer need to be treated as beats of burden” added the technical director.

Dubai Safari hasn’t revealed their opening date yet but we’ll keep you posted.