Dubai restaurants will display calories on menus from January

21 May 2019

Uh oh

All restaurants in Dubai will need to display calorie counts on their menus starting January 2020. The initiative was taken by the Dubai Munucipality which aim to help diners understand the health values of the food that they are eating. Interesting...

The new rule has two phases. Cafeterias, restaurants and cafes with more than five branches have to implement this rule from November in the first phase. All other restaurants, hotels and catering services should implement it in January 2020 by the second phase. 

According to Gulf News, Dubai Municipality director general Dawoud Al Hajri said: “Dubai Municipality's initiative is to oblige food establishments to be fully transparent in declaring calories on all foods to give consumers the ability to choose food that suits their health status."

A round of applause to Dubai for spreading awareness about health and lifestyle.