Dubai Resort Offers Goldfish as Companions to Guests

Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort is providing goldfish to the customers in their rooms
ByAmeena NavabTuesday , 17 October 2017
Dubai Resort Offers Goldfish as Companions to Guests

Guests checking into The Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina can now request a goldfish for the duration of their stay as part of the ‘Westin Wellness’ initiative. 

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Goldfishes are known for their calming influence. They are widely recognised for helping with relaxation and the resort allows every guest to receive a goldfish in order to help them eat, sleep, work and play in a calm environment. 

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to switch off completely and so we are encouraging our guests to take a little time out of their day to practice mindfulness for their own wellbeing, said Ronan Fearon, Complex hotel manager of the resort, “Our guest goldfish are here to help with relaxation, creativity or simply to offer a little companionship – feedback has been really positive so far so it’s definitely a service we’ll be continuing with.”

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The resort nurtures and care for a family of goldfish and allows customers to keep them in their bedroom!

A small companion for a big relaxation.

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