Dubai residents can now trade in waste for food

This initiative will take place throughout the month of Ramadan
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 14 June 2017
Dubai residents can now trade in waste for food

This Holy Month, make sure you recycle!

Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department has launched a community initiative called ‘Recover the value of your waste’ in order to raise awareness about recycling, reports Gulf News.

A number of private sector companies such as Emirates Cooperative Society, Alpha Emirates and Al Ghurair Foods have volunteered to contribute to the initiative.

As part of the initiative, Dubai residents can trade in recyclable waste in exhcange for food coupons during the month of Ramadan. Residents can visit Emirates Cooperative Society in Al Twar 3, hand over recyclable material at the designated site and receive coupons for food stuff.

The campaign lets people who deposit recyclable waste materials like plastic bottles and aluminum cans, earn coupons for bags filled with packaged food items and juices.

What a fantastic way to encourage people to save the environment!

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