Dubai police to deploy robo-cars

First robo-cops now robo-cars, what next?
ByIsobel Forester-BennettWednesday , 28 June 2017
Dubai police to deploy robo-cars
© Dubai Police

It’s no surprise that Dubai loves creating world’s firsts and it will be creating another, the first city in the world to operate an autonomous patrol fleet. Dubai Police have announced plans to introduce self-driving miniature police cars, expected to hit streets by the end of the year.

According to Dubai Police, these robotic vehicles (we like to call them robo cars, sounds cooler) will be the size of a child’s electric toy car and feature biometric software that will scan the streets for wanted criminals who are suspected or are breaking laws.

The robo-cars will be powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm and 3D mapping so they can avoid obstacles and return automatically to self-charge when low on energy. They will feature numerous cameras for thermal imaging, facial and licence plate recognition and a dashboard for interaction with human security personnel and can also be manually controlled when needed.

Don’t expect some transformer style car to hunt the streets for criminals. The robo-cars aim is to head into specific areas to collect data and information using cameras and sensors. The cars will be capable of detecting suspicious objects, follow suspects and launch aerial drones if it is unable to reach certain areas. Still, pretty cool!

The announcement of the robo-cars comes shortly after the introduction of robo-cops earlier this month and the announcement of self-flying taxis to be in the air in the next 3 years. All part of Dubai Police’s target to have 25% of its work force robotic by 2030.

We can’t wait to see these miniature robo-cars patrolling Dubai’s streets later this year!

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