Dubai Police to allow impounded cars to be kept at home

Dubai Police to allow impounded cars to be kept at home

09 Oct 2017

Better in the parking lot than the impound lot!

Motorist can breathe a sigh of relief, somewhat.

If your car is being impounded, you can now choose to keep it at home, rather than at a designated impound lot, reports Gulf News. New technology has been unveiled that will track impounded cars kept at home.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police said, “A small device is placed in the impounded vehicle using GPS technology to know if the car is moving or not. It is a smart way to impound the vehicle without the need to bring it to the yard."

Dubai Police will roll out the new technology once Gitex Week ends. The service, which will allow motorists to keep their impounded cars ar home, will come at price, as there will be a fees involved to install the tracking device. The small, black device will be installed by a team of technicians on location.

When the device is installed, the car will be visible in red on a map in the command room. If it moves, the colour will change to green and the police will be alerted. “The device tracks the car at all times and at the end of the impound period, we can find out if the driver moved the car or not,” he added.

This step aims to reduce the number of cars in the impound yard, and reduces risk of damage to vehicles during their impound period.