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A woman has saved a staggering AED150,000 in traffic fines

26 Feb 2020

This is WELL worth the wait

A Sharjah-based woman has managed to save AED150,000 in traffic fines, thanks to the good behaviour scheme offered by Dubai Police. 

Dubai Police launched an initiative offering discounts of up to 100% on accumulated traffic fines early last year, to drivers that didn't reoffend. The aim of the initiative is to promote better and safer driving, by offering drivers the opportunity to be free of hefty traffic fines.

This works for a period of three months at a time, meaning, if one doesn't commit any traffic offences for three months, the reward is a 25% discount on a pending fine. Not getting any fines for the next three months, gets you a 50% discount, and for the next three, a 75% discount. Therefore if driver is able to avoid committing any traffic offences for 12 whole months (one year), they will receive a 100% discount, with no other terms and conditions. 

That's exactly what 39 year old, Amira Esmail, did to get her accumulated traffic fines of AED150,000 waived by Dubai Police.

The Sharjah housewife said that she made sure to obey all rules, in order to collect the discount. She had accrued the fines through speeding tickets on two cars registered in her name.  

The discount applies only to drivers with vehicles registered in Dubai, and unfortunately, drivers that stay out of the country for more than three months, do not get to enjoy these benefits. Vehicles that are registered under private companies, rental offices and public and private transport compaines are also excluded from the opportunity to gain from this initiative.