Dubai One's Dina Butti at the Oscars 2014

Dubai One's Dina Butti at the Oscars 2014

03 Mar 2014

From standing next to Brangelina to hanging out with top nominees - get in on Dina Butti's Oscars diary

So it’s one day before the Oscars and we arrive for a tech rehearsal only to be welcomed by a thunderstorm, the sight of Kelly Osbourne bouncing around on the red carpet (all 500 feet of it!) and hundreds of teens wearing signs with celebrities’ names on them with no explanation – it’s clearly a wonderful but bizarre world we’ve entered.

Now to get ready for the red carpet, which officially kicks off at 2pm. As a girl (and presenter/writer), you have to very ‘unglamorously’ wake up at sunrise to prep and primp! When we finally arrived on the day of the Oscars, we’re shocked to discover that despite the rain, there is no cover! I stepped out to find hundreds of other decked-up female journalists trying to huddle under umbrellas – definitely not what I envisioned when I pictured the glamour of the Academy Awards!

Thankfully an hour later, the sun appeared and so did the stars! The first celebs to arrive on the scene included a very cheerful Joseph Gordon Levitt, a ridiculously beautiful and very pregnant Olivia Wilde, a fairly timid Anne Hathaway, a jingly Cate Blanchett (her dress was actually quite noisy) and an elegant Jessica Biel minus one Justin Timberlake. 

Within what seemed like minutes, a massive flock of A-listers flooded the carpet. Then, all of a sudden I found myself with Amy Adams as she told me how blown away she was by all her success this year.  

Dina catches up with Amy Adams

I also caught Will Smith fist bumping my co-host Marwan (DJ Bliss) and I was in awe as a smiling-wide Julia Roberts waved at us and says ‘Hi Dubai’!

Less charming was Christian Bale, who whizzed past with a frown on his face; Jared Leto who seemed to have recently adopted an ‘I’m too cool for school’ attitude; and most of all, Lady Gaga who arrived super late and pretty much refused to acknowledge anyone.

That was all quickly forgotten upon seeing Hollywood’s royal couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who, if possible, are even more fabulous in person. Everyone just seemed mesmerised by Brangelina as they walked down the carpet hand in hand. 

Sandra Bullock was also a hit with the media, showing off some goofy poses and teasing the cameramen with her playful comments.

Goofy Sandy

As for my favorite ‘couple’ of the night, I have to give that to Oscar-nominated Bruce Dern (Nebraska) and his daughter (also an actress), Laura Dern, who lovingly took care of her father every minute of the event. The fact that they so willingly posed for a picture with me despite being hounded by the press also earned them some serious brownie points!

Dina with Bruce and Laura Dern

And then again, in what seemed like only minutes since everyone had arrived, everyone was gone. The red carpet cleared. The international media disappeared. And it hit me, with no one around, that it was time for me to have an Oscars red carpet experience of my own! I grabbed my producer, took a tour of the premises, had a couple of photos here and there and thought up some Hollywood dreams that could give me one more reason to return to Tinseltown!

INFO: Dina Butti is a Presenter for Dubai One's Thats Entertainment, the next two episodes are Oscars specials airing at 9.30pm on Friday.