Taxis of Dubai

Dubai one of the world's most economic cities in terms of cab fares

19 Jul 2017

A survey by Carspring revealed interesting results

There's nothing quite like hopping into an ice cold taxi while after standing out in the heat. Dubai's fleet is one that is both state of the art, and according to data compiled by Carspring, one of the world's most economic.

Carspring has compiled data from 80 cities around the world, and reports that Dubai is the fifth most economical city when it comes to cab service from airport to city centre, with an average fare of $8.31 (Dhs30.5). The most economic city was Cairo. 

For shorter distances up to three kilometres, the emirate is the 26th most economical city, with an average fare of $4.83 (Dhs17.7), the data showed.

When it comes to per-kilometre cost, Dubai is rated 19th most economical at $0.56 (Dhs2), cheaper than cities such as Paris,  New York, London and Tokyo.

"Actually Dubai fares very well in the index with a median in the affordable top. We believe based on the local purchasing power parity, prices are well in between a positive margin for the consumer," said Carspring co-founder Peter Baumgart, reports Khaleej Times.

"Dubai is aiming for the high-end side of tourism, therefore, lower costs may not attract more tourists, focusing on service should be the main aim - a good example of successful service versus price is Switzerland that attracts wealthy tourists with great services not price. Dubai should aim to give great service not necessarily affordable service."

The Carspring data, which was gathered from the official websites of each city when available, showed that Cairo is the most economical city in the world in cost per kilometre, followed by Bangkok, Moscow, Mexico City and Jakarta.