Dubai nightclub responds to shocking racist comments

The comments were made on Facebook by an alleged employee
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 25 July 2017
Dubai nightclub responds to shocking racist comments
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Movida Dubai

Dubai Nightclub Movida has responded to the public regarding racist comments made on Facebook by a woman who claims to work at the club.

An American woman by the name Jill Movida posted a public tirade on her personal Facebook profile.

"If we removed all the Indians and Filipinos from Dubai, Dubai would be perfect," she wrote, reports Khaleej Times.

It's sad to note that the comment was met with a large number of likes from her friends, but was subsequesntly removed the next day.

Alberto Barbieri, the operations director of Movida, has stressed that Jill is not affiliated with the club in any way, despite her claims on social media.

"This lady already made a very negative comment on Facebook a good few months ago about Arabs. We noticed this as her profile says she works at Movida," he said. "I can categorically say that (she) does not work there...from the people I've have asked, she (has not) ever worked there."

"I told everyone that could to report it, and now we have seen this latest comment from her," he added. "Again my staff have reported the comment."

Barbieri added that that the nightclub "would never condone such behaviour from any of our staff".

No further action against Jill has been taken at this time

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