Dubai mum shuts down school – wants to show the cleaners ‘how to clean properly’

12 Jun 2019

Everybody is safe and sound

A mother in Dubai has created panic after an incident at the GEMS Wellington school this morning. The woman entered the school wearing a medical mask while carrying cleaning supplies, in order to educate workers on how to clean properly.

After finding the detergent, the school immediately took action by calling and emailing parents to pick their children up. Apparently, the mother used a parent's access card without permission, and the police were called to the site.

After investigating the site, the police confirmed that the mother had no bad intentions and there was nothing to worry about. Maj Gen Al Merri told the Gulf News that 'the school overreacted and dismissed students without informing the police', and 'rushed' to make decisions.

More than a hundred parents waited outside the school for an hour during the investigation.

We're glad that this is over.