Dubai Metro Opens Early on Fridays

RTA have made positive changes to tram and metro services
Monday , 28 September 2015
Dubai Metro Opens Early on Fridays
Metro will now open at 10am instead of 1pm on Fridays

For those who have gone to the metro on a Friday morning to find out it’s closed, those days are long gone! After suggestions from users of the Metro, the trains will start from 10am from 2 October.

“We commissioned studies about the revised operational time of the metro service on Friday where we have perceived a necessity for starting the service as early as 10am” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Rail Agency. Metro users said they would wait for metro services to begin on a Friday morning.

The RTA have even stopped the semi-circular Marina loop service of the Dubai Tram at the JBR Marina as it didn’t gain many passengers and has cut down on transit time by at least 10 minutes.

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