Heads up travellers, The Dubai Metro is getting some major changes and we’re here for it

Your metro rides are going to get a lot better
ByShehla MominWednesday , 03 July 2019
Heads up travellers, The Dubai Metro is getting some major changes and we’re here for it

The Dubai Metro is a super convenient, cheap and an eco-friendly way to travel around the city but sometimes it can get overbearing. Like when men stumble into the already crowded pink cabins and cease to realise that they’re in the females’ cabin or during the dreaded rush hours when it’s literally like a pack of sardines and you have some stranger’s hair all up in your face.

But all those days are almost over. As part of the renovations for 2020, the RTA is going to give us a whole lot of upgrades that’ll make our travel experiences much more smoother. Some of the upgrades we’ll get to experience are:                           

  • Expansion and moving of the female and children cabins to the opposite side of the gold class.
  • Change of seat placement to add more space for standing passengers
  • Customised carriages for people of determination
  • Modified spacious luggage compartments

And that’s not all, the metro line is getting a 15km expansion which will connect the red line to the EXPO 2020 site.

The exteriors are reported to stay the same to keep the identity of the Dubai Metro intact.

The changes have already started with relocation of the female compartments to the other side of the metro in a smooth 3 phase program.

All the major changes in the metro will be assisted with announcements on social media and metro platforms along with aid from the RTA staff for a smoother transition.

The upgrades are expected to come into effect by the end of the year to ensure a great travel experience for residents and visitors in Dubai.

Everyone say 'thank you RTA!'

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