Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Dubai makes the list for most popular destinations in the world

04 Jun 2015

Find out where Dubai ranked in MasterCard's prestigious global list

Dubai has ranked fourth on a list of top destinations for international travelers, reveals the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. An estimated total of 14.26 million visitors came to our city in 2015, spending a total of $11.68 billion. Wow!

The information, released Wednesday, means Dubai has continued to climb the ranks year on year placing eighth in 2012, seventh in 2013 and fifth in 2014.

“Since the inception of the Global Destination Cities Index in 2009, Dubai has continued to climb the ranks as an international travel destination for both business and leisure purposes,” said Eyad Al Kourdi, UAE Country Head for MasterCard. “The future ranking of the Emirate looks very promising. As Dubai gears towards Expo 2020, we’re excited to see the opportunities that will unfold to reinforce its position as a key economic driver.” 

The investigation found the top five origin cities for Dubai are Doha, London, Kuwait, muscat and Jeddah. It’s been a great year for Abu Dhabi too, ranking third in terms of overall growth from last year, up 20.4%.

Topping the list was London (18.82 million visitors in 2015), closely followed by Bangkok (18.24 million) and Paris (16.06 million) in third. Trailing Dubai was Istanbul, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Seoul and Hong Kong respectively.

The study conducted by MasterCard ranks the 132 most visited cities around the globe in terms of total international overnight visitor arrivals and cross-border spending.