Dubai laundry offers free service for jobseekers

What a wonderful initiative
ByMashal AbbasiThursday , 27 July 2017
Dubai laundry offers free service for jobseekers

Here's a feel-good story to start your weekend off!

Unemployment is tough, and those looking for work have a lot to worry about. Heading from interview to interview in Dubai's blazing heat would leave anyone exhausted and worn out.

Thanks to Crystal Clean laundry however, your interview outfit is one thing sorted.

The Filipino-owned laundry located in Business Bay is offering job seekers the chance to get their interview outfits cleaned, washed and ironed, all for free! The free laundry service aims to ease the burden of aspiring job seekers in the city. It is also the first time a laundry is offering this service in the UAE.

Joel James P Luzana, co-owner of Crystal Clean Laundry, said, reports Khaleej Times: "We started the initiative to promote the Year of Giving declared by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. We know how hard it is to go out looking for jobs in this heat, and thought why not use what we are best at - our laundry service - to spread some cheer."

Rommel, the laundry's operations manager, said: "The service comes in handy when people have job interviews lined up and need crisp formalwear in a short time. If the shop is not busy, we prioritise these customers who avail this free service. We try to give their clothes to them the same day. However, if we are busy, we ask them to pick it up the next day."

When asked how they determine whether a customer asking for the serivce is genuinely unemployed, Luzana said, "We make sure that the person who wants to claim this service provides his/her passport and visa copies. This ascertains whether the person is genuine or not."

The laundry began offering the service this July, and plans to continue it for te next two months, until September.

"This is our way of giving back to this country that has taught us to love, care and be happy," Luzana added.

What a fantastic way to help others, we hope other businesses follow suit!

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