Dubai Is a Land of Dreams

Eight defining moments for the Hot 100
Tuesday , 22 February 2011
Dubai Is a Land of Dreams
Samar S. Sayegh shares her Hot 100 memories

The Hot 100 are Dubai’s movers and shakers, the ones who dared to dream. So we found out what their favourite memories of the city are...

Diya Ajit aka Chroma
The time when the Trade Centre was the tallest skyscraper you’d ever seen and when you could take a u-turn on Sheikh Zayed road. Dubai was an intimate, cosy little sandpit that no one had ever heard of.

Simone Heng
Being nominated for Ahlan! Female Personality of the Year in the 2010 Best In Dubai Awards was a great honour and in my line of work it can be really career-changing. Sadly, I didn’t win but it was so flattering that a member or the public nominated me.

Eiléen Lee
Of all the cities I’ve lived in, serendipity is more prevalent here. I am always astounded how I can run into or be introduced to someone randomly in Dubai who end up having strong connections to my family or a close friend in some way. Believe it or not, but every time this happens it becomes a defining moment for me and a reminder of how global and magnetic Dubai is.

Yassin Alsalman AKA The Narcicyst
I remember my old house in Garhoud and my grandparents picking me up from Ittihad School, where my mom is now the Principal. Also, my teenage memories in Abu Dhabi are classic. My best friends were found there, my first love and heartbreak was there, my music was cultivated in that era. Unforgettable.

Zein Kamal
My childhood experiences are my fondest, when Dubai was mostly desert and we could play in our neighbourhoods, living a simple, innocent life.

Zaeem Jamal
Driving down Beach Road when it was two lanes, watching the sunset on Jumeirah beach and then walking into a place for dinner and shisha without a queue and having plenty of parking spaces.

Manuel Ayas
Opening the Armani/Prive within the tallest building in the world for Giorgio Armani and his VIP guests from all over the world. This of course was a landmark event being the first Armani Hotel in the world situated in a world first building, it was a great experience to open the nightclub amidst all the local and International hype.

Samar S. Sayegh
There are too many memories to mention. My favorite memories always involve the beach and outdoor events with unexpected rain. Its funny how everyone else around the world complains about rain but in the UAE it makes our day unforgettable.