Dubai is UAE's Most Expensive Emirate

Dubai is UAE's Most Expensive Emirate

01 Feb 2015

UAE's also the second-priciest Gulf state in which to live, study finds

The UAE is the second most expensive Gulf country in which to live, a price comparison survey has found.

According to Numbeo’s global study, which measured the cost of living in 119 countries, Oman is the cheapest place in the region to live, with Qatar the most expensive.

The difference in living costs between countries is based on the price of groceries, rent, transport, eating out and utilities, said Numbeo, which claims to be the world’s largest database of user-contributed information about cities and countries.

Its UAE survey is based on 3,940 entries made over the past 18 months from 647 different contributors.

Using the base score of 100, the index gives a relative indication of a city or country’s living costs compared to those of New York. For example, if the rent index is 120, it means rents average at a fifth more expensive than those in the Big Apple

The index claims grocery prices in the UAE are the third highest in the region after Kuwait’s and Qatar’s.

Likewise, the local purchasing power in the UAE is higher than in New York and the fourth highest in the region after Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. In Bahrain and Kuwait, people have the lowest disposable incomes compared to other countries in the GCC.

Within the UAE, Dubai has a higher consumer price index than Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, Numbeo says. It’s also the UAE’s most expensive city in which to live.

Abu Dhabi is the least expensive city of the three when it comes to grocery shopping, and of the three emirates, its residents also have the most cash to splash.