Dubai is getting the world's first self-cooling sunbed!

The innovative product is set to launch at the Leisure Show Dubai
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 05 September 2017
Dubai is getting the world's first self-cooling sunbed!
We're really excited about this one!
Thanks to the UAE's blistering heat, most of us have experienced the pain caused by laying down on sunbeds that are a tad too hot.
Jay Ventham has also been victim to this, and he's done something about it.
“I was on holiday trying to chill out in 36 degree sun – which is not easy! When I sat down the blisteringly hot sunbed burned me so badly that I was left with rashes and sores on the underside of my legs. That’s when I got to thinking there must be a better way.” 
And so, the Koulsdown was born. The bed and seating range features a patented gel lining which keeps the furniture cool, preventing burns. Not only that, but the laboratory-developed gel also reduces body temperature by two degrees, meaning those who use it can enjoy hours outside in the sun.
“The gel is positioned in the upper layers, thus giving an instant cooling effect when laid upon. It reacts when in contact with the body, absorbing body heat and dissipating it back out into the air, giving a pleasant, cooling feeling and relieving discomfort from over-heating. It can reduce a person’s core body temperature by up to two degrees,” explains Ventham
Koulsdown, The world’s first self-cooling sunbed, will be unveiled in the Middle East for the first time this month at The Leisure Show Dubai, and will definitely change the way sun-worshippers relax in the region.
We hope to see it at our favourite pools and beaches soon!

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