Dubai Girl Rules Times Square's Iconic Billboard

Dubai Girl Rules Times Square's Iconic Billboard

18 Aug 2013

UAE-based Simran Vedvyas dishes on finding pride of place at the New York hot spot

Give it up for Dubai-based Simran Vedvyas, whose environmentally-sound message made it to the iconic Times Square billboard in New York for nearly 100 hours. Simran chose to describe her generation in three words with "Youth! Future Champions" and the thought made it to the Big Apple's hot spot for four whole days.

“It was a great surprise! I was actually the last one to know about it,” says the green teen. The 14-year-old has also won the Sheikh Hamdan award for Distinguished Student, the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch and spearheads her own initiative SynergY, which has over 300 members working on a number of green programmes.

So how did it all happen? MTV was relaunching MTV Voices, focused on campaigns to get people involved, and Simran got to know about it from a friend. She answered the questions required and sent in her entry.

 “I sent in my pictures and my entry casually, not expecting anything, little did I know of the excitement that would follow in the next 24 hours,” she told us. Simran soon got a mail informing her that she had won the competition and made it to Times Square!

The Dubai girl got to rub shoulders with former US Vice President Al Gore and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in New York recently and says that this is definitely one of her biggest achievements.

Admitting that she "prioritises" her studies even as she loves doing her bit for the environment, Simran's message is simple: “Channel your strengths for the cause you want to stand up for.”