Dubai flight ALMOST crashes on runway

Dubai flight ALMOST crashes on runway

17 Jul 2017

There were 185 people on board

An Air India Express flight from Dubai to Manglore almost skid off the runway during landing due to poor weather.

The flight had 185 people on board, including two infants, all of whom were unharmed during the incident.

The pilots, maneouvering a Boeing 737, were quickly able to gain control of the aircraft, and caused minimal damage, breaking just a few runway lights in the process of their landing.

"Just as the aircraft was about to touch down, there was sudden gust of wind and heavy rain. The aircraft skidded to the right momentarily after touch down but got back to the center line thereafter," Air India Express CEO Shyam Sundar said, reports the Times of India.

"There was no discomfort or injury to any passenger. Post arrival inspection of the aircraft revealed no damages."

We're glad nobody got hurt!