Melissa Gilchrist Higgins and the Bareface models in the campaign for Zamni

Dubai fashionista helps Haiti

17 Jan 2011

One year on and Melissa Gilchrist Higgins is still fighting

It was a year ago almost to the day when the explosive news hit headlines that Haiti was in danger. At 5:00 pm on January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the island nation of Haiti and killed more than 260,000 individuals. As the rest of the world stood by and watched from their living rooms, Dubai expat Melissa Gilchrist Higgins was already formulating a plan to help the people devastated by the disaster.

After travelling to the earthquake ravaged region in May and June of 2010, Melissa returned to Dubai on a mission to spread the word. The ex-fashion and beauty executive developed an online fashion site and t-shirt label designed to spread the word on Haiti. “My Frontline Fashion site and the Zanmi range have been set up to remind people that Haiti still needs desperate attention and help.”

Zamni as Melissa explains is the Haitian word for friends. Her line is a simple collection of slogan tees and totes with the phrase ‘Humanity is Always in Style.’ "This is the beginning of a real fashion label and business to help Haiti," says Melissa. She is currently planning her next trip to Haiti.

To support Melissa in her cause to help Haiti visit