Dubai Dentist Unveils World's Most Expensive Smile

Dubai Dentist Unveils World's Most Expensive Smile

24 Jun 2014

The gold and diamond brace is priced at Dhs562,000!

Buy your way to the world’s most expensive smile! A Dubai dentist has unveiled a new creation – a diamond encrusted gold denture that costs Dhs562,000!

Designed by Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic, the fashion brace is only meant for parties and photos, and is not to be used for eating.

Dr Majd Naji, head of the clinic, told 7Days newspaper that they received confirmation from the World Diamond Institute in Belgium that the gold and diamond used in the dentures is pure.

Inspired by the UAE being named the happiest place in the world, Dr Naji said that the clinic is now waiting to hear if their luxury dentures make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for most expensive smile.

One female UAE customer has already purchased the brace, and another order was placed by a Qatari customer. The clinic added that Dhs100,000 from each sale will be donated to a children’s charity in the UAE.