Dubai cleaner finds bag full of diamonds

What do you think he did with it?
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 01 January 2018
Dubai cleaner finds bag full of diamonds
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Here's a feel-good story to start off 2018!

What would you do if you found a bag full of diamonds, hand it over to the police?

Well, an Indian cleaner in Dubai did just that! Vinakatar Amana Motabato Lal, found the bag while on cleaning duty in Al Qusais, reports Khaleej Times.

Upon opening it, he discovered it was full of diamonds and gold! He promptly made his way to the Al Qusais Police station, where the contents of the bag were found to be worth a whopping Dhs200,000.

In recognition of his honesty and integrity, Motabato Lal has been honoured by Dubai Police. The director of Al Qusais police station, Brigadier Yousof Abdullah Salem Al Odaidi commended him on his good behaviour, and even gave him a gift and certificate recognising his valour. 

Here's to Motabato Lal, and all the other honest people in the world, may they live long and prosper!

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