Dubai Canvas Colours Up La Mer

Dubai Canvas Colours Up La Mer

06 Mar 2018

A winter forest with a family of wolves, 3D kitty and giant mushrooms... Wow!

Gosh! All that art and creativity...

Dubai Canvas is being held at La Mer, turning the picturesque beach front at Jumeirah 1 into an ‘open-air canvas’.

Yes, you read that right! This year Dubai Canvas is featuring some spectacular artwork form over 30 leading 3D artists from around the world. Along with young Emirati artists, Muhra Falahin, and big international names, Tracey Lee Stump and the likes will be showcasing their masterpieces, wooing us all completely.

Ongoing until 7 March, the festival also features sand art, sand and roof top inflatables, a slinky garden and a rubber duck pool… awesome, right!

Enough of our blabber, just scroll down to see some of our favourite artwork at Dubai Canvas, you'll want to head down and check it out for yourself...

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