Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Fitness Challenge

Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Fitness Challenge

22 Oct 2018

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is back for another 30 days of free workouts across the city

Ready to get your sweat on? You better be, because Dubai Fitness Challenge is back and bigger than ever before. This year the challenge starts on 26 October and eill run for a full 30 days through to 24 November, ensuring an action-packed public engagement programme and an exciting calendar of fitness events, classes and activities across the period.

Dubai Fitness Challenge aims to take Dubai one step closer to making it the most active city in the world, allowing for increased participation from residents, visitors, government organisations, businesses and schools in not only Dubai but across the United Arab Emirates and beyond, paving the way for the whole nation to get involved.

How? It’s simple. It all starts with 30 minutes of exercise, for 30 energising days.

Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Fitness Challenge

Committed to sustainably enhancing societal health and well-being, Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018 will go even further in motivating the city to commit to a minimum of 30 consecutive minutes of daily activity for 30 days. The festival remains focused on ensuring the most ‘inclusive’ movement for all the people of Dubai, across all ages, abilities and fitness levels, by encouraging participants to embrace a happier and more active lifestyle and experience the huge range of sports and exercise programmes available across the city.

This year, you can expect even more events, more action, and more fun. With energising Weekend Carnivals, dedicated Fitness Villages and more than 2,000 free classes, events and community-led activities, getting fit has never been easier – or more fun. And let’s be honest, with the weather finally cooling down, and the festive period holidays just around the corner, it’s also a great excuse to get beach body ready.

Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Fitness Challenge

Fortunately, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is even more accessible thanks to the Dubai Fitness App, which will help you track your progress over the 30 days. With the ability to monitor your workouts, sync with top fitness apps and join an ever-growing fitness community, the app is at the heart of all the action. The app will allow you to track your workouts, sync with top fitness apps, explore classes and fitness sessions, view events and activities, and even create social fitness groups.

His Excellency, Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General of Dubai Tourism, said: “Last year we saw Dubai’s residents and visitors, government, businesses and schools all come together organically and enthusiastically to create a truly inclusive city movement towards a healthier and happier society. This year, we aim for DFC to further amplify its impact on our lives collectively as more people get inspired to be part of the event, pledging their commitment to a richer and lasting lifestyle choice for all.”

His Excellency continued: “This genuinely is an accessible initiative for everyone, whether you are young, old, already living an active lifestyle or need some extra support and motivation to get moving. With just 30 minutes of sports, exercise or any physical activity daily for 30 days, we have an unprecedented opportunity to give back to our society. We ask that you commit to the challenge, enjoy the action-packed calendar, inspire and encourage your friends and family to get involved – so we can together make Dubai the most active and happiest city in the world.”