Dubai and Abu Dhabi are expecting some major dust and clouds

25 Jun 2019

Oh dear...

Are you a little confused by the recent weather changes that surprised us last weekend? Why is it super hot, but also raining? Well get prepared for this. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS) confirmed that both Abu Dhabi and Dubai will experience dust storms and some clouds, with the weather becoming quite humid by the evening. Oops. 

Temperatures in the two emirates will reach up to 44°C. Also, the (NCMS) tweeted a weather forecast video of the next three days, just to give us a heads up. Inland and by the coast, humidity could reach as high as 85 and 90 per cent, while in mountain areas it should be up to 70 per cent. Yikes. 

You might want to protect your eyes and hair while you're at it.