Drs Maurizio & Roberto Viel

The plastic surgeon brothers, running their own successful clinics across London and Dubai
Friday , 30 March 2018
Drs Maurizio & Roberto Viel
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Drs Maurizio & Roberto Viel
  • We are plastic surgeons, and run our own clinic, London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery on London’s Harley Street and one in Dubai Healthcare City. We both went to medical school in Milan, and worked in London for 20 years, and then opened a second branch in Dubai 10 years ago.
  • We have incorporated more cutting-edge techniques over the last year by using more treatments using stem cells.
  •  We have had many patients from the UAE and other areas of the Middle East for over 20 years in London and in Dubai. They were the ones who inspired and motivated us to open another branch of our London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai. Our patients from the UAE have been incredibly supportive and warm since we opened our practice in 2008.
  • Beauty inspires us, especially in nature. We enjoy travelling to distant places, walking in nature and appreciating the beauty of the environment. Once in a while, we need to visit these places to feel refreshed and inspired again.
  • The medical industry is always moving forward at a rapid pace and it is now amazing that we can offer treatments to patients at more affordable prices, with much reduced downtime, compared to 15 years ago.