Drones in Dubai Have to be Registered by May

Drones in Dubai Have to be Registered by May

27 Apr 2016

No fly-zones have also been announced

Users of drones in Dubai will have to apply to register for cards as of May.

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority announced the news along with the list of no-fly zone areas in the city.

The types of registration depends on the user with various access to diffrent levels (government entities, commercial organisations, professional video/photography use, temporary registration for tourists and private).

The areas that will be affecte by the drone laws are Dubai International Airport, Al Minhad Air Base, Skydive Dubai, Al Maktoum Airport and Downtown Dubai.

"Anyone intending to use drones for any commercial and hobby activity must gain permission from the DCAA. Otherwise they will be violating the law", a spokesman stated at the World Aviation Safety Summit.

Registrations will be accepted and processed within 72 hours, although a training element will be a part of the application.