Driving offence by motoring critic

Jeremy Clarkson seen 'driving while using mobile phone'
Thursday , 13 March 2008
Driving offence by motoring critic

British TV personality JEREMY CLARKSON is under investigation after a photo that allegedly shows him using his mobile phone while driving was published in a national newspaper.

Hayley Byford claims she was a passenger in her boyfriend's car when she spotted motoring journalist Clarkson driving at 70 miles (113 kilometres) per hour along the M40 motorway in Oxfordshire, England while talking into his cell phone.

The 21-year-old took a picture of the offence and sent it to tabloid the Daily Mirror, who in turn handed it over to police.

It is only permitted to use a ‘hands-free' mobile device while driving in the UK.

British drivers caught using a mobile phone face a $120 fine and three penalty points on their license.