Dressed Cornish Crab

You can use fresh or tinned crab in Alfie’s light, tasty recipe
Thursday , 11 April 2013
Dressed Cornish Crab
Cornish Crab


15g mayonnaise 2g salt 1 egg
10g chopped parsley
1 lemon
8g mixed seaweed
500g Devon crab

1 Start by placing the crabs in a large pot filled with cold water, put on a high heat and bring to a boil. 
2 Once the pot has come to a boil, remove from the stove and allow the crabs to cool in the stock.
3 Once at room temperature, crack all the shells, removing the meat. Make sure that you seperate the white and dark meat in different dishes.
4 |n the meantime, hard boil some eggs and grate them, making sure to keep the white and yolks separate.
5  Finely chop some parsley. This, along with the boiled egg, is for garnish.
6 Mixing both meats with mayonnaise, seasoning and lemon juice, place them back into the shell to serve.
7 Garnish with the boiled egg and chopped parsley.

Local crabs work just as well in this dish. Take your time to gently prepare them making sure to get all the meat out of the claws and remove the grey gills or “dead man’s fingers.” If fresh is not available, you can use canned. 

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