Dr Michael Apa

The aesthetic dentist whose practice was brought to the UAE by royal request
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Dr Michael Apa
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Dr Michael Apa
• I’d been visiting the UAE since 2007, and I love its energy, the people and the landscape. Dubai is one of the most amazing new cities around, and a close friend and a member of the royal family here encouraged me to open Apa Aesthetic Dental and Cosmetic Centre and launch my new product line of Apa Beauty oral care in this market, which I did in 2015.
• It’s certainly required vision and perseverance to fund, build and staff a clinic of this magnitude, while also being based in New York, and to bring the Apa Beauty product line to life.  
• My patients come from all over the world and represent all demographics, and they are all people who value their smile and want the best for themselves.  
• It’s not as hard to get to the top as it is to stay there. As hard as you may try, you can’t plan life – life happens. This has made me more pliable to events that occur and made me aware that things can change in an instant, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
• It’s hard to pinpoint any singular person who has influenced me, it’s more of a compilation of many, taking the things that apply and leaving those that don’t. I admire people who made it from nothing and I tend to gravitate to those who have a small chip on their shoulder.
• If I’m awake, I’m usually working – but it’s my passion. However, if I do need to shut off it’s best done for me by binge-watching a good series on Netflix. 
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