Dr Jaffer and Tehzeeb Khan

Emirates Hills
Sunday , 23 September 2012

Realising Tehzeeb Khan’s minimalist dream in her family’s Emirates Hills home took a grand total of four years, although the family only moved in nine months ago. Architects LW Design Group and Dubai-based Italian interior designer Marianna Piccolo were the creative forces behind the project, following Tehzeeb’s brief for a “smart, relaxing, clutter-free look.” Tehzeeb says, “Modern, minimal looks are softer and easy to live with. That is why I chose the minimalist style.”
The cleverly designed living room features two walls that open up fully, allowing the inside space to merge seamlessly into the outside deck and garden. Of the art on display, Tehzeeb’s firm favourite is a piece by Pakistani-born artist Shakeel Siddiqui, who paints in a new-realist style and whose compositions are finished in photographic detail.
Tehzeeb says her Emirates Hills house is her dream home, and admits that her biggest extravagance is the covering on the many windows. “I have more glass than walls,” she admits.