Dr Brian Etemad Esq

The lawyer lifting Dubai's premier real estate and brokerage house to new heights
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Dr Brian Etemad Esq
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Dr Brian Etemad Esq
• I’ve been in this region for a while and striving to achieve a level of recognition that I feel has finally come to fruition with my appointment as CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate, the top property investment and brokerage house in the UAE. Nothing seems impossible in this spectacular emirate and that gives me the drive to accomplish bigger and better projects every day.‎ We’re just getting started.
• On a personal level, in honour of the memory of my late girlfriend, Ashley Bowman, I’ve decided to put maximum effort into supporting as many orphans as I can. I’ve worked hard to find the right partners in various regions across the globe and I’m in the process of building a small village in the Philippines, which will include an orphanage, school, medical facility and a mosque. I’m planning to visit these children with the intention of letting them know that they’re cared for and loved, something that most of us take for granted.
• His Excellency Mohamed Alabbar has been a mentor to me in all aspects, including moulding me into the businessman that I am today; I owe it all to him. He’s presented opportunities for me to seize upon. It’s his work ethic, decency and dealings in full transparency and honesty across his various ventures, and especially Emaar, that has shown me the way. He once said to me: “Brian, I will show you how to fish, but I will never put the fish on the table for you as you need to learn how to survive and succeed in this world of ours.” 
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