Don’t search ‘#dubaidolphinarium’ on Instagram, or you could witness animal cruelty.

The shocking video released last week caught Instagram’s attention
ByDwayne D'SouzaWednesday , 07 August 2019
Don’t search ‘#dubaidolphinarium’ on Instagram, or you could witness animal cruelty.

People who search Instagram for posts about Dubai Dolphinarium are warned by Instagram about potential abusive content, due to a video that went viral last week.

The local marine attraction received huge backlash when a video of woman sitting on the back of a dolphin on the hard poolside floor, was uploaded on Instagram.

“Animal abuse and the sale of endangered animals and their parts is not allowed on Instagram,” this is the message users will see when searching for posts about Dubai Dolphinarium.

The message blocks people from immediately viewing the content and people have the option to go ahead and view the content or cancel their search.

Instagram introduced the scheme in 2017 and it prevents users from viewing potential animal abuse content.

When the system was introduced, Instagram advised its users to report content which contained potentially sensitive content.

The video shot at the dolphinarium last week went viral when animal rights pages on Instagram starting sharing the video.

The Dolphin Project, a campaign group were among those who reshared the video with the caption: “The video was uploaded by one of the facility's dolphin trainers of another trainer sitting on top of a captive dolphin on a slideout, an action that can put serious stress on their bodies.”

After the videos was attributed to a trainer of Dubai Dolphinarium, the facility decided to investigate the video. Dubai Municipality is also investigating the video as the facility is in Dubai Creek Park, which is owned by Dubai Municipality.

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