Donna Benton

06 Mar 2013

Founder of The Entertainer

Doubling the size of her voucher- book empire and expanding internationally was no mean feat for this Australian mum.

Tell us about your successes in 2012.
My biggest achievement was striking a deal with Abraaj Capital, which acquired 50 per cent of The Entertainer. In addition, doubling the size of the company, expanding internationally and releasing new editions in Singapore, Cape Town and Egypt.

How did you come up with the concept of The Entertainer voucher books?
There are so many great restaurants and attractions here, but there was no substantial incentive to choose one. I knew if I could put together a way of incentivising customers with a really strong offer it would be a win-win for the outlet and the customer.

Do you use the vouchers yourself?
Of course I do!

What do you most enjoy about life here?
From a business standpoint it’s very fast moving, which I love; and I love bringing up my family here because it’s safe.

What are the biggest misconceptions about the UAE?
That everyone is wealthy and only has to work a few hours a day.

If you were a tour guide, what would you do on a UAE itinerary?
I’d purchase The Entertainer because we have everything covered!