Donatella Does the Ice Bucket Challenge the Versace Way

Donatella Does the Ice Bucket Challenge the Versace Way

28 Aug 2014

Italian fashion designer completes the ALS challenge in style

After the editor-in -chief of Vogue America, Anna Wintour drenched herself for the ALS association, it was only a matter of time until Donatella Versace accepted the ice bucket challenge.

The challenge is an ongoing social media initiation, which aims to raise money and awareness for the life threatening neuro-degenerative disease, called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

 Leave it to the renowned fashion designer, Dontella to complete the challenge with absolute panache. Sitting on a chair amidst a plush, green garden in between two buff shirtless guys rocking Versace chains and jeans, she had ice cold water doused on her from both sides- obviously coming of some very luxe Versace buckets.

Before being drenched in frosty water, Donatella expressed how much of a challenge the stunt actually was for her, “I’m not here to ruin my make-up”, emphasising the importance to donate to the noble cause.

Donatella then nominated close friend and singer, Pharrell Williams, Prince and Spanish film director, Pedro Almodovar.

Then she shrieked from the shock of the cold water and went running off camera...

Who knew the Versace queen had a funny side!