Donald Trump Bans Electronic Devices on Flights to the US

Donald Trump Bans Electronic Devices on Flights to the US

21 Mar 2017

The ban affects a number of countries including the UAE

If you were planning on binge watching TV shows on your laptop during next long haul flight from the UAE to the USA, think again.

US President Donald Trump, in another bizzare move, has banned any electronic device larger than the average mobile phone on flights inbound to the USA. Passangers will however, be able to carry their devices in their check in baggage.

"Effective March 21st, the carriage of electronic and electrical devices inbound to the USA shall only be inbound in checked baggage except for mobile and medical devices,” a reservation agent at one of the affected airlines told The Guardian.

The details of the ban are currently unclear. According to The Independent, It is thought to apply to nonstop flights to the US from 10 airports in eight countries, which are believed to include Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE's major carriers Emirates and Etihad are also believed to be affected by the ban, so be sure to call ahead and check if you're traveling today onwards!