Dolphin Tale Beats Brad Pitt's Movie

Hit flick tops the US box office
Monday , 03 October 2011
Dolphin Tale Beats Brad Pitt's Movie
Morgan Freeman at the US premiere of Dolphin Tale

Family drama Dolphin Tale has stunned movie experts in America by landing at the top of the box office in its second week on release.

The surprise hit which is about a dolphin with a prosthetic fin has netted over $37 million (Dhs135 million) in just 10 days. That’s more than most film pundits expected the Harry Connick Jr movie to make in its entire run.

With takings of over $14 million (Dhs51 million) from its second weekend on release, the film which stars Morgan Freeman, toppled The Lion King 3D and stepped ahead of Brad Pitt’s baseball drama Moneyball to claim the top spot.

Newlyweds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s new thriller, Dream House, suffered from a lack of reviews and a delayed release. The film, which brought the couple together, opened in sixth place with a lacklustre $8.2 million (Dhs30 million).

Dolphin Tale will be in UAE cinemas soon so check out the movie trailer now!

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