Doherty to make music from cell

Songwriter to work on new album from jail
Sunday , 13 April 2008
Doherty to make music from cell

Jailed rocker PETE DOHERTY is to continue work on BABYSHAMBLES' new album while he serves 14 weeks in prison.

The singer, whose drug use and legal woes have been well documented, was jailed on Tuesday for "breach of time-keeping, non-compliance of his order and using different drugs".

And the star's Babyshambles colleagues have vowed to stand by him while he serves his time.

But the band are determined not to let Doherty's prison sentence affect work on their forthcoming third album, and are sending all of their recordings to London's Wormwood Scrubs Prison so he can contribute.

Drummer Adam Ficek says, "We will send Pete the first nine burns

(recordings) so he can work on them in there.

"It will give him something to keep him occupied, keep him focused and remind him that outside we're all holding the fort for him. And also that as soon as he gets out it will be business as usual."