Doha Marriott's Ramadan offerings

Doha Marriott's Ramadan offerings

09 Jun 2015

Our tummies are rumbling already

There's a lot happening at Doha Marriott during Ramadan!

For the Friday crowd, the weekly brunch is still on. Hurray! It may be dry, but it's still as delicious as ever.

The Marriott's signature restaurant, JW's Steakhouse is carrying on as normal - so if you're craving a juicy steak during Ramadan you now know where to go. No one can resist that prime Angus beef! Yummy! 

The piece de resistance is the huge iftar and suhour spread. One of the biggest in the city, with over 100 dishes to choose from, the Doha Marriott iftar and suhour is not to be missed. We can't wait! INFO: JW's Steakhouse 6.30pm-11.30pm, iftar and suhour, sunset-late, 4429 8499,