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Does Kim Kardashian Have a Mystery Illness?

18 Dec 2016

Is a secret medical condition of wife Kim Kardashian the real reason why Kanye West had a breakdown?

As Kanye West resurfaced for the first time this week (with newly bleached hair) following his hospitalisation over worries for his mental health, the reasons behind his breakdown are still not entirely clear.

Now, however, reports claim that it is a mystery illness that his wife Kim Kardashian is suffering from, that was a major factor in his worrying decline of his mental state. According to Radar Online, Kim, 35, is dealing with a secret health crisis, receiving the bad news from medical professionals three weeks ago, right around the time that Kanye, 39, was taken to hospital to undergo psychiatric evaluation after he started to act bizarrely while at his personal trainer’s house. An insider told Radar: “Kanye has been stressed about the diagnosis and that was part of what is to blame for his demise.”

While Kim’s rumoured health diagnosis is said to be only known by her notoriously tight-knit family, her friends are said to be “worried and trying to find out what’s going on.” A separate source is said to have told the publication: “She is not going to be OK.”

A Bad Year

It’s well known that Kim has had a troubling few months after being held up at gunpoint and robbed in Paris in October, and has only been spotted out in public a handful of times since. Though she’s taken a step back from the limelight and gone completely cold turkey on her numerous social media accounts, Kim was said to have constantly been at husband Kanye’s side while he was in hospital for 10 days, being treated for both exhaustion and dehydration. The pair share two children, three-year old daughter, North and one-year-old son, Saint.

Kanye was discharged from hospital last week and is said to be receiving outpatient treatment upon his release. Let’s hope that Kim’s medical scare is nothing too serious and our favourite reality star makes a return soon.