The Doctors Diagnose Team Ahlan!

Considering surgery? Join the club. Most women contemplate a nip or tuck at some point in their lives, but do we really need it? Ahlan! asked the experts from TV’s The Doctors to analyse three different body types on our team and tell us whether drastic action is called for (in some cases the answer was “yes!”)
Thursday , 22 March 2012
Dr Andrew and Dr Rita
Dr Andrew and Dr Rita
Group Ed Sarah
Group Ed Sarah
Features Ed Brooke
Features Ed Brooke
Picture Ed Lyn
Picture Ed Lyn

When we heard celebrity plastic surgeons Dr Andrew Ordon and Dr Ritu Chopra from Emmy Award-winning TV show The Doctors were coming to Dubai, we immediately requested consultations – and not just because we wanted a phone number for dishy Dr Travis, the show’s presenter (he of The Bachelor fame).

Ordon and Chopra are plastic surgery gurus, doling out advice worth thousands of dirhams to avid viewers in Dr Travis’ studio. What they don’t know about plastic surgery isn’t worth knowing. In April they launch their brand new skincare line, Ratio, with a firm philosophy to consider all non-invasive beauty solutions before putting patients under the knife. They’re also planning on opening a clinic in the UAE in May. (We’ll keep you posted!)

While they were in town we invited them to the Ahlan! Towers to prod and poke the staff. Here they diagnose three Ahlan! team members of differing shapes and ages, and tell us straight whether we really need surgery or just some critical lifestyle changes. Work out which of us you have more in common with and pay heed!

Group Editor, Sarah

Age: 38
Height: 5ft
Weight: 10st 3lbs
Body Type: Pear
Body Bugbears: Weight gain; bump in nose; ageing angst.

Docs' Recommendations: The localisation of fat around the waistline is particularly worrying as this can indicate that the fat is not superficial, but rather attached to the internal organs, and this has serious health implications. This sort of fat cannot be removed through liposuction as it’s too deep within the body – it can only be shifted with exercise and diet and this course of action should be taken urgently to avoid health complications.

Sarah has a bump in her nose, and judging by her nasal breathing she has a slightly deviated septum – this could cause issues that would be easily rectified with surgery. Closed rhinoplasty, in which no incision is required, could straighten out the nasal cavity and improve breathing.

Jowls – loose skin around the jaw – commonly appear as people age and contribute to looking older. Many think the only solution is a facelift, but often sagging jowls are caused by loss of fat volume in the cheeks rather than a slackening of skin around the jaw. Cheeks can be plumped with ‘injectibles’ such as Juvederm, Restylane and even your own fat. Fat is taken from another area of the body, such as the stomach, and then processed to be injected into the cheeks. Boosting the cheeks would lift the jowls without the need of a facelift.

You can also get around 15 to 20 per cent of the desired result with non-invasive options, such as Accent – a controlled dual-layer RF (radiofrequency) treatment used to treat loose crinkled skin anywhere from under upper arms to the face and neck.

Sarah's Reaction: As the oldest person on the team, I was expecting some anti-ageing tips. I was pleased to hear facelifts aren’t the only option these days. Drew and Ritu have given me something to think about with cheek ‘injectibles’, but they also warned me about getting hooked on them and going too far like stars such Madonna and Lindsay Lohan.

News of my fatty organs was more terrifying. This time last year I was running marathons, but recently I’ve been glued to my desk and have seen my weight go up more than a stone in under a year. I’m surprised how quickly good health can go bad! I was also surprised to hear about my “deviated septum” – I just thought that was something celebs said when they wanted to have a nose job without appearing vain. It’s nice to have something in common with Jennifer Aniston.

Features Editor, Brooke

Age: 27
Height: 5ft 5.5in
Weight: 11st 3lbs
Body Type: Hourglass
Body Bugbear: Highs and hips; upper arms; onset of wrinkles between the brows.

Docs' Recommendations: Brooke expressed interest in bottom lifts, but it should be noted that the bottom is one of the easiest body parts to change through exercise as it responds the best. Try daily squats and lunges, pushing yourself to achieve new targets and you’ll start to see the difference very quickly. Brooke also enquired about a bust lift but it can affect your chances of breastfeeding, so if you’re going to have babies in future it’s best to wait until your child-bearing years are over before considering breast lift options.

At 27 Brooke can still drastically change her body shape. First she should lose excess weight and only then, if she still has stubborn fat deposits in specific areas, should she consider surgical options. Her skin is good – a lack of stretch marks suggests collagen levels are high and that she would therefore respond well to liposuction in areas such as the upper arms. Her skin has the capacity to spring back into shape.

The 11’s are the vertical lines between the brows. Brooke’s young and hers are slight, so very little Botox would be required to correct these. Sometimes referred to as ‘Baby Botox’, only around 12 units are needed. But it’s far better to prevent wrinkles than trying to reverse them. Wear a sun screen – and if you don’t want to wear thick greasy sunscreen under makeup, try picking foundations and other cosmetics with SPF already in them.

Brooke's Reaction: I love food, and given the choice of hitting the gym and indulging in a long lunch with the girls, I’ll don a pair of heels over trainers every time! I used to laugh at tales of the dreaded ‘Dubai stone’, but three and a half years after making the move to the UAE and I’ve well and truly fallen victim to the social life here and the ‘order-in’ mentality applied to evening meals. So, I was relieved to hear that it’s not too late to turn my body around without invasive methods and am determined to get back to jogging and healthy dinners.

For the past couple of years, my ‘11’ lines between my brows have been my main bugbear, and while I’ve always considered Botox, the thought of it is a little scary. I was happy to hear that ‘Baby Botox’, a lesser dose of the usual stuff, is an option for people like me who are starting to see fine lines. And apparently, I’d still have a lot of movement in my face, so I don’t have to worry about having a frozen forehead like Nicole Kidman!

Picture Editor, Lyn

Age: 30
Height: 5ft 2ins
Weight: 10st 2lbs
Body Type: Apple
Body Bugbear: Under-eye lines; flabby legs.

Docs' Recommendations: Botox around the eyes can relax muscles and stop the lines forming. Lyn’s outer thighs are actually in great shape, but she’s carrying a little weight on the inner thigh, and the buttocks and hips area known as ‘saddle bags’. It’s now possible to have localised liposuction and resculpting on most parts of the leg. Knee lifts and knee lipo is becoming increasingly popular, as is reshaping of the so-called ‘cankles’ (ankles that lack definition from the calves) and rounder calves, like Kelly Osbourne’s. Lipo can also be used on the stomach area in Lyn’s case as the fat is accessible. 

Lyn's Reaction: Turning 30 I seriously contemplated surgery for the first time; my under-eye shadows and lines are major insecurities and I’ve been contemplating Botox for some time. I’ll definitely consider a little Botox to stop the frown lines forming. I was shocked the docs suggested lipo for my pot belly and my “saddle bags”. I’d be far too scared to have this procedure so I’ll just have just have to increase my exercise regime to eliminate my flabby bits. They also suggested re-sculpting areas of my legs, but at least I don’t have ‘cankles’ to worry about!

You can catch The Doctors on MBC4 at 8pm, from Saturday to Wednesday.

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