Closing Night Gala Presentation Of "Birdman Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance"  Arrivals  52nd New York Film Festival;Closing Night Gala Presentation Of "Birdman Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance"  Arrivals - 52nd New York Film Festival

Do Blondes Have More Fun? Cheryl, Olivia Palermo and Margot Robbie put it to the test

09 Nov 2014

While some of Hollywood’s hottest have been going for drastic hair makeovers in the last few months, we decide who got it right!

Emma Stone 
The Amazing Spider-Man actress is lucky enough to have a skin tone that works with nearly all hair colours. While the actress always keeps her natural red tone, her locks range from dark auburn to a light ombré rust. Although she could really get away with anything, we love her au naturel! 

Ahlan! Brunette

Cheryl Cole 
It’s been a few months now since Cheryl changed her trademark brown locks to a dirty blonde tone, but we’re still getting used to it! While the singer definitely doesn’t look bad, there’s just something not right about her ombré tresses. Go back to brown, Chezza! 

Ahlan! Brunette

Olivia Palermo 
Olivia’s hair transformation has been a gradual process than a sudden change. While you may not notice the difference at first, when you compare her light-toned locks to her dark ‘do a few years back, the change is pretty drastic. Luckily for Olivia, she looks gorgeous with either! 

Ahlan! Both

Suki Waterhouse 
Suki recently dyed her dirty blonde barnet a deep chocolate colour. While she kept the style the same – her trademark fringe didn’t go anywhere – the deep-tone tresses give the model a harsher look that we’re not really feeling. Lighten up, we say! 

Ahlan! Blonde

Elle Fanning 
Elle’s innocent blonde tresses have recently been replaced with a sophisticated dark hue and we love it! The new ‘do matches the more grown-up roles the actress has been playing lately and while both colours do suit her, we prefer her as a brunette. 

Ahlan! Brunette