Dnata is making travel more sustainable in Dubai

Dnata is making travel more sustainable in Dubai

09 Dec 2019

They just completed a sustainable flight turn-around!

Dnata, one of the world's largest air services providers, has accomplished a huge achievement in its sustainability mission.

The ground handler equipment guaranteed smooth and safe turnaround of a flydubai Next-Generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft operating on zero-emission, meaning no pollutants were produced from its exhaust at Dubai International's Terminal 2.

The organisation has also  propelled a wide-reaching campaign to cease the utilisation of single-use plastic water bottles. Dnata's staff were given reusable water bottles.

Dnata is making travel more sustainable in Dubai

During previous years, Dnata swapped a number of its ramp vehicles with hybrid or electric alternatives, and updated them to the latest safety and quality standards. Dnata now works a sum of more than 100 eco-productive vehicles at the two Dubai air terminals.

The company also puts resources into gear to improve operational productivity and decrease its environmental footprint. During the green turnaround, Dnata's committed team transported baggage with electric baggage tractors to the FlyDubai aircraft and applied electric transport lines. The passengers of the Karachi and Faisalabad flights were even loaded and transported through towable passengers stairs.

After the boarding had been completed, the ground handler's expertly trained staff pushed the aircraft again from the entryway with an electric towbarless pushback tractor, positioning it ready for taxi and takeoff. 

Dnata is making travel more sustainable in Dubai

That's not all. Dnata has been running a few initiatives tto control it's environmental footprint by minimising waste, cutting out single use plastic and decreasing energy and water consumption in its facilities.

In arrangement with Expo 2020 Dubai, which aims to be one of the most sustainable World Expos ever, Dnata is currently investigating the possibility to change over its passenger handling operations at Dubai World Central to an altogether electric ramp GSE activity in 2020. Bravo!