DJ Megatronic

Megane Quashie is all about girl power and good music
Monday , 25 November 2019
DJ Megatronic

•The UAE is special to me because of the people I have met here; the land is rich in culture and diversity. I love the fact that people come from all over the world to start something new and to discover a new community.

•I think I get a lot of inspiration from hearing people’s stories, feeling the culture within their words. Fortunately, with my job I get to travel a lot and meet people from all over the world. One person’s strength could be another’s struggles.

•I try and do my bit for the environment from home by using a water container instead of plastic bottles, switching off the power after use, and sharing my car with the other founder of Female First Sessions, Nour Zaghoul. We have put together events on sustainable fashion and try to help spread the message. Every little bit helps.

•All the restaurants that use online delivery platforms and similar services need to use better and more sustainable packaging with all deliveries.

•In 2020, I will be travelling to play shows in Australia, Greece and hopefully USA, and we are working on the first Female First Festival for March next year. I also have several new music releases that I am working on and maybe even a short film. Very exciting!
 The best advice I’ve been given? “Opportunities appear when the preparation has been done.”