Diva Dee Aka Danya

Diva Dee Aka Danya

20 Nov 2019
By Ahlanlive.com

The YouTuber who lives life as though it were rigged in her favour

•The highlights of the past years have been beyond my imagination. But one that I am super proud of is my YouTube channel (Diva Dee). I started it on Jan 1st 2019 and in less than one year I have had over 17 million views on my channel with three viral videos!

•Some of the steps I am taking to help the environment include reducing my plastic consumption. Instead of buying plastic water bottles that I use and throw out, I buy glass bottles and use that to refill my water. I also always leave a bag in my car at all times in case I go grocery shopping to avoid using so many plastic bags at the store.

•I am a pescatarian so I don’t eat meat or chicken... only seafood. My goal is to eventually go vegan but I’m still not there yet.

•I would love to see supermarkets and restaurants start initiatives that encourage their customers to use less plastic. It’s amazing how something as simple as a biodegradable straw can help the environment.

•Workplaces should encourage their employees to start using reusable water bottles. Influencers could show support by showing their audience that you can reuse clothes and still be fashionable, such as styling one item in a different way.

•The wider community could donate items they don’t need to charity instead of throwing them away.

•The best advice I was given was, “Be kind, the universe will do the rest.”