Discovery Gardens Flooded Again

Discovery Gardens Flooded Again

11 Aug 2013

Residents of Discovery Gardens and The Gardens face flooded roads for the second time this month

It wasn't a good weekend for residents of The Gardens and Discovery Gardens near Jebel Ali on Saturday night (10 August) as water flooded the main road behind Ibn Battuta Mall for the second time in a month.

On 18 July, a pipe in the area had cracked and burst, leading to large quantities of water in the area. The flooding submerged cars, caused a fire due, and massive traffic jams.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, there was another flood in the same area. with the roundabout on the main road behind Ibn Battuta Mall being water-logged. A team from Dubai Municipality was spotted on Saturday night pumping the water out.

Gulf News quoted Venus, a Discovery Gardens resident, who was on her way home with her family when they saw traffic build-up on the same road at about 10pm. Ankle-deep water caused traffic to move slow, she said.

“Traffic was already building up because of the water so we decided to go through another route. We were worried to get stuck in traffic just like the previous flooding,” she said.

The cause of the flooding this time is still not known.