Discover The Renovated Ladies Villages at Six Senses Spa

The luxurious Wellness Centre at the Sharq Village & Spa got even bigger and better....
ByFrancesca MoserWednesday , 03 December 2014
Discover The Renovated Ladies Villages at Six Senses Spa
Six Senses Spa Doha, Sharq Village & Spa

One of our fave Spa in town has unveiled this week its sensational new look after an extensive renovation, which transformed this already ace oasis of pleasure into the ultimate wellness and fitness area. 
The ladies villages at the renowned Six Senses Spa in the Sharq Village & Spa Doha has received an extreme makeover and a complete upgrade to guarantee privacy and exclusivity to its guests.

"There is a tranquillity that enlivens the senses; the ladies villages become a personal sanctuary," says Francisca Antunes, Director of Six Senses Spa. "Subtle splashes of color and a sophisticated range of materials, evocative of the spa's iconic past, have renewed the spirit of understated elegance for which the Six Senses Spa is celebrated." 

The refurbished area boasts now an independent entrance and reception area, a private gym and excercise area. A full-service beauty salon is on hand too to offer hair, nails and why not henna treatments too. Whether you enjoyed an energetic work out or super relaxing treatment you'll still be able to leave as glam as ever.
More over because of this new unique design and set up each ladies village is available for group bookings to enjoy a special girlies get-togheter or simply to enjoy some precious me-time with your bestie, simply priceless!
We recommend you to enter and experience this personal sanctuary yourself to unwind and awaken your senses in this piece of heaven...from traditional Arabian, Thai and Swedish theraphies to holistic practises and fitness classes Six Senses Doha got you covered. You simply won't want to have been warned!


INFO: Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village & Spa Doha, 4425 6999,