Discover Crème De La Mer Moisture Collection

A must-have in every woman’s beauty regime!
ByFrancesca MoserWednesday , 31 December 2014
Discover Crème De La Mer Moisture Collection
Creme De La Mer

Who would have thought that this world-renowned beauty brand was originally developed by a Nasa’s physicist? Dr Max Huber created Crème De La Mer to treat and restore his severe chemical burns caused by an explosion during one of his experiment.  He believed in the curative power of the sea and fermented kelp in particular, so what began as his healing journey, continues today as one of the top beauty brands worldwide.

Models and actresses swear by it, so what makes this moisturizers line so unique? The miracle broth, which contradistinguish all the La Mer products empowers the five facets of renewal and contains the living elixir that Dr Huber created by bio-fermenting sea kelp with other key ingredients from the sea.

Transform your complexion thanks to the miraculous Crème De La Mer Moisture Collection, which includes five different products to empower your skin radiance and youthful look.

Discover them all, from the original crème to the ultra light gel, this high-performance skincare will deliver astonishing results. Pick the lotion most suitable for your skin type and achieve your best ever skin complexion.

Crème de la Mer

Discover the original miracle cream: rich and dewy, this ultraluxe formula started it all.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Try this rich, yet weightless cream formula, which will leave your skin looking luminous. 

The Moisturizing Lotion

This versatile moisturizer boasts a lightweight fluid formula, which donates your skin a satin finish.

The Oil Absorbing Lotion

If you wish to achieve a matte finish look, opt for the Oil-free moisturizer in a lightweight fluid formula.

The Moisturizing Gel Cream

For a velvet finish, don’t look any further than this ultra lightweight, cooling gel. It instantly refreshes and hydrates your skin, leaving it ultra soft.

Invest in this pricey but miraculous skincare, you won’t regret it!

INFO: Crème De La Mer is available in Doha at BHS Landmark Mall 4486 2801, 4U City center 4483 5179, Qatar Duty Free Hamad International Airport 4022 7286