Yikes, Dior products are now being thrown away in protest against Bella Hadid

25 Jun 2019

People are boycotting the brand

From requesting to remove all Bella Hadid's campaign photos from malls like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, people are now choosing to throw away Dior's products as a form of protest against the model's now expired Instagram post.

Twitter has been flooded with videos of people dumping Dior perfumes in the bin, making it clear they don't want to support a brand that is working with Bella. So, yeah, clearly her apology is still not accepted. 


According to Gulf News, Christian Dior wrote in a statement: “For appeasement Parfums Christian Dior has removed its visuals of Bella Hadid in the GCC.”

Also, malls in the UAE have been quick to respond to peoples' tweets, confirming that they will do what is needed to take action. The Dubai Mall tweeted: "We ensure you that our nation and region’s cultural sensitivities are respected. We have brought the matter to the attention of the retailers concerned to take appropriate steps."

Mall of the Emirates' Twitter account also confirmed that a scheduled Dior event has been cancelled. 

This drama is not ending anytime soon.